Mission / Vision

Mission Statement:

Cutler Ridge Elementary, in partnership with families and community stakeholders, is committed to working together to create an environment that is safe, respectful, and nurturing, geared toward enhancing each child’s sense of wellbeing and mastery of skills for lifelong learning.


Our vision at Cutler Ridge Elementary is to foster a powerful sense of community while guiding students to become accomplished future citizens.


Citizenship: means obeying rules, laws, respecting others, and contributing positively to your school, your community, and your country.

Cooperation: means working with others to achieve a common goal. Fairness: is treating people equally, not playing favorites, being open-minded, and keeping a good attitude towards those whose ideas or actions are different from your own.

Honesty: is telling the truth, but it is also being sincere and never stealing or cheating.

Integrity: Integrity means that you are acting in accordance with your beliefs, values, and behaving in an acceptable and moral way at all times.

Kindness: is being helpful, caring, agreeable, gentle, and considerate of other people and living things.

Pursuit of Excellence: means challenging yourself to do the best you can.

Respect: includes showing regard for the worth and dignity of everyone. Respect at our school will include showing

Responsibility: means being accountable for your actions and making good decisions.