Mission / Vision

Mission Statement:

Cutler Ridge Elementary is committed to delivering and promoting instruction that is reflective, responsible, research-based and rigorous while nurturing the individual needs and differences of all students to achieve their maximum potential in an ever-changing society.


Cutler Ridge Elementary join parents and community to assist all students in discovering, exploring and experiencing lifetime learning.


Citizenship: means obeying rules, laws, respecting others, and contributing positively to your school, your community, and your country.

Cooperation: means working with others to achieve a common goal. Fairness: is treating people equally, not playing favorites, being open-minded, and keeping a good attitude towards those whose ideas or actions are different from your own.

Honesty: is telling the truth, but it is also being sincere and never stealing or cheating.

Integrity: Integrity means that you are acting in accordance with your beliefs, values, and behaving in an acceptable and moral way at all times.

Kindness: is being helpful, caring, agreeable, gentle, and considerate of other people and living things.

Pursuit of Excellence: means challenging yourself to do the best you can.

Respect: includes showing regard for the worth and dignity of everyone. Respect at our school will include showing

Responsibility: means being accountable for your actions and making good decisions.